Warrior triptychs

1847-1850, Part I



Title: Chűsei gishin den (Stories of the True Loyalty of the Faithful Samurai)

Description: Moronaoĺs retainer Furubayashi Heihachir˘ Kaneyoshi defending himself against the two r˘nin Oribe Yasubei Taketsune (right) and Takebayashi Sadashichi Takashige in the snow

Publisher: Kawaguchi-ya Uhei

Date: 1847-1848

Robinson: T184


NOTE: The title is repeated on each sheet, and this triptych is closely related to the single sheet series Seichű gishi den (S54).

Title: Yoritomo-k˘ no mei wo ukete Tosa-b˘ Sh˘shun etc.

Description: Kisanda, Genz˘ and Yoshitsune among sego palms observing the approach of Tosa-b˘ Sh˘shun and his party to attack the Horikawa palace

Publisher: Sugi-ya Seibei

Date: 1847-1848

Robinson: T185

Title: ďboshi Yoshikane wo hajime shijűsho-nin no gishi hon-i wo etc.

Description: After carrying out their revenge, the Forty-Seven R˘nin burn incense in the temple, while attendants prepare food for them and keep back admiring crowds

Publisher: Sano-ya Kihei

Date: 1847-1848

Robinson: T186



No image available



Title: Akao no gishin yo-uchi karamete no kata yűshi chakut˘ no zu

Description: The Forty-Seven R˘nin attacking Moronaoĺs mansion from the back

Publisher: Minato-ya Kohei

Date: 1847-1848

Robinson: T187



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Title: Akao no gishin yo-uchi ˘te-gata yűshi chakut˘ no zu

Description: The Forty-Seven R˘nin attacking Moronaoĺs mansion from the front

Publisher: Minato-ya Kohei

Date: 1847-1848

Robinson: T188


NOTE: This triptych and the preceding triptych may be placed side-by-side to form a six sheet composition

Title: Shizu no ama otome Daishokkwan etc.

Description: The ama (divung girl) who has stolen the sacred jewel from the Dragon Kingĺs palace at the behest of Fujiwara no Kamatari (Daishokkwan) pursued through the waves by various sea creatures

Publisher: Kiyomizu-ya Naojir˘

Date: 1847-1848

Robinson: T189

Title: Eiroku yo-nen ku-gwatsu yo-nichi Kawanakajima kassen ni etc. (The Battle of Kawanakajima, 永禄四年九月四日川中島合戦山本勘介入道討死ノ図)

Description: Yamamoto Kansuke and the remnant of his troops on a hillock mown down by the Uesugi musketeers at Kawanakajima on October 12, 1561

Publisher: Minato-ya Kohei

Date: 1847-1848

Robinson: T190

Title: Untitled

Description: The fording of the Uji River in 1184: Takatsuna riding up the bank, met by Noritaka, with Shigetada and Kagesue in the river behind

Publisher: Yamaguchi-ya T˘bei

Date: 1847-1848

Robinson: T191


I am grateful to Vladislav Shevyrev for locating this image.

Title: Kiso Yoshinaka wa tatewaki sensh˘ Yoshikata no ko ni shite... (木曽義仲は帯刀先生義賢の子にして..., The pursuit of Yoshinaka in a bamboo grove at the Battle of Awazu)

Description: The pursuit of Minamoto no Yoshinaka (centre) by a bamboo grove at the Battle of Awazu in 1184

Publisher: J˘shű-ya Jűz˘

Date: 1847-1848

Robinson: T192


NOTE: Only the middle sheet is signed by Kuniyoshi, and the two outer sheets are signed by Kuniyoshiĺs student, Ichijusai Yoshikazu.á All three sheets bear Kuniyoshiĺs signature in a later edition.

Title: Untitled

Description: Kajiwara Genda Kagesue with his horse (left), Sh˘sh˘ (center) and the enraged Soga Gor˘ Tokimune (right) by a fenced enclosure

Publisher: Naka-ya Tokubei

Date: 1847-1848

Robinson: T193


NOTE: This triptych was published in 1847-1848 from a design drawn about 1830.á I am grateful to Ward Pieters for locating this image.

Title: Heike no ky˘shaku akugyaku wo mi Kurama etc.

Description: The discomfiture of Benkei on Goj˘ Bridge by Yoshitsune, assisted by the tengu

Publisher: Enshű-ya Hikobei

Date: 1847-1850

Robinson: T194

Title: Heike no meish˘ (平家の名蔣) Taira no Shigemori hachijin wo hiite teki wo etc.

Description: The arrest of Akugenda Yoshihira in the snow by Taira no Shigemori and his men in 1160

Publisher: Tsujioka-ya Bunsuke

Date: 1847-1850

Robinson: T195

Another state of the above triptych published by Yamada-ya Kinseido


Description: Fujiwara Tadahira with his retinue by the seashore; his wife Fujinoe is holding a poem-card (left)

Publisher: N˘shű-ya Yasubei

Date: 1847-1850

Robinson: T196

Title: Ishibashiyama ˘-kassen no zu

Description: The Battle of Ishibashiyama in 1180 with Sanada Yoichi Yoshihisa (sic) struggling with Matano Gor˘ Kagehisa by a waterfall, and Sasaki Takatsuna fighting with two swords

Publisher: Yamaguchi-ya T˘bei

Date: 1847-1850

Robinson: T197

Title: Kenkyű no hajime Kamakura no tachi ni shoshi taikei wo etc.

Description: Quarrel over a game of go in the palace of Kamakura, between Kud˘ Suketsune and Sasaki Nobutsuna with Mount Fuji behind.á This incident occurred during the planning for the Great Battle of Hyogo.á

Publisher: Kawara-ya Ch˘z˘

Date: 1847-1850

Robinson: T198


I am grateful to Ward Pieters for locating this image.

Title: Minamoto no Yoritomo-ky˘ Fuji maki-gari no zu

Description: Yoritomoĺs hunting-party under Mount Fuji in June, 1193 forms a six-sheet panoramic composition when placed side-by-side with the following triptych

Publisher: J˘shű-ya Kinz˘

Date: 1847-1850

Robinson: T199

ôRobinsonö refers to listing in Kuniyoshi: The Warrior-Prints by Basil William Robinson (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1982) and its privately published supplement.