Stories of Wise Women and Faithful Wives,

Part II




Title: Izutsu-hime (井筒姫)

Description: Izutsu-hime seated by a brazier

Robinson: S20.11




Title: J˘ruri-hime (じょうるり姫)

Description: J˘ruri-hime standing under a lamp bedecked with streamers

Robinson: S20.12


Title: Kaji of Gion (Gion Kaji, 祇園梶)

Description: Kaji of Gion seated on a bench with her fan and writing brushes

Robinson: S20.13


Another state of the above design


Title: Kane-jo (金女)

Description: Strong woman Kane-jo holding a horse

Robinson: S20.14


Title: Kesa Gozen (袈裟御前)

Description: Lady Kesa Gozen cutting her hair so that she may impersonate her husband and be killed in his place

Robinson: S20.15



Another state of the above design


Another state of the above design


Title: Masaoka (政岡)

Description: Masaoka shielding Tsugichiyo Maru under her clothes from the apparition of an old warrior-monk

Robinson: S20.16


Title: ďiko (大井児)

Description: ďiko damming a stream with a huge rock

Robinson: S20.17


Another state without any purple


Title: Princess Sayo at Matsu-ura (Matsu-ura Sayo-hime, 松裏佐用姫)

Description: Sayo-hime at Matsu-ura in Higo Province watching her husbandĺs ship leave for Korea

Robinson: S20.18


Title: Shiraby˘shi Shizuka (白拍子静)

Description: Shizuka Gozen wearing the full dress of a shiraby˘shi, in which she danced before Yoritomo at Tsuru-ga-oka

Robinson: S20.19


Another state of the above design without any purple


Another state without a ground

Kuniyoshi - Stories of Wise Women & Faithful Wives (S20


Title: The Maid Take-jo (Kokuji Take-jo, 嬶竹女)

Description: Take-jo (Otake Dainichi Nyorai) sprinkling grain for birds

Robinson: S20.20


Note the halo formed by a hanging pan around the head of this servant, who is in fact a divine being


Title: Princess Tamaori (Tamaori-hime, 玉依姫)

Description: Tammayori-hime (usually written Tamaori-hime) making fans in retirement after the death of her husband, Atsumori

Robinson: S20.21


Another state of the above design with a simplified kimono design

Kuniyoshi - Stories of Wise Women & Faithful Wives (S20


Title: Princess Terute (Terute-hime, 照天姫)

Description: Princess Terute pulling her crippled husband on a cart

Robinson: S20.22


Another state with a blue band on top and no ground


ôRobinsonö refers to listing in Kuniyoshi: The Warrior-Prints by Basil William Robinson (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1982) and its privately published supplement.