Stories of Faithful Hearts and True Loyalty

(Seichű gishin den, 誠忠義心傳)

Publisher: Ebi-ya Rinnosuke



This series of prints is a supplement to the series Stories of the True Loyalty of the Faithful Samurai (Seichű gishi den).  The two series differ only in the text within the red cartouche in the upper right corner.  The prints in these series are each about 14 by 10 inches (36 by 25 centimeters), a size known as ôban.



Title: Ishijo, wife of Ôboshi Yoshio (Ôboshi Yoshio no naishitsu Ishijo, 大星良雄内室石女)

Description: Ishijo making a stroke with a naginata with a pair of swords with hilt covers and other objects on the ground

Robinson: S56.1

Weinberg: II.1




Another state without the circular red personal seal of Ippitsu-an, the author of the text


Title: Take-jo, wife of Yamaoka Kakubei (山岡覺平の妻竹女)

Description: Take-jo crouched and weeping while her child plays with toys in the foreground

Robinson: S56.2

Weinberg: II.2



Title: Hana-jo, daughter of Oribe Kanamaru (織部金丸の娘花女)

Description: Hana-jo tying her sash

Robinson: S56.3

Weinberg: II.3



Another state of the above print


Title: The Wife of Onodera Junai (Onodera Junai no tsuma, 斧寺重内の妻)

Description: The wife of Onodera Jűnai Hidekazu seated, with a dirk concealed under her sleeve

Robinson: S56.4

Weinberg: II.4



Title: Chutoda no Tsubone, Maid of the Enya Family (Enyake no okujo Chutoda no Tsubone, 塩谷家の奥女中都多の局)

Description: Chűtoda no Tsubone seated before a box containing her lord’s head, next to an incense burner on a stand

Robinson: S56.5

Weinberg: II.5



Title: Amakawa-ya Gihei (天川屋義平衛)

Description: Amagawa-ya Gihei with his child

Robinson: S56.6

Weinberg: II.6




Description: Ueshima Monya, eldest son of Ueshima Yasuke, seated diffidently by a lacquered kettle and towel rack 

Robinson: S56.7

Weinberg: II.7




Description: Yôshinin-ni, widow of Enya, standing by a screen on which an exotic bird is painted

Robinson: S56.8

Weinberg: II.8




Description: The mother of Tominomori Sukeemon reading a long letter next to a caged bird

Robinson: S56.9

Weinberg: II.9



Title: The Mother of Takebayashi Sadashichi (Takebayashi Sadashichi no haha, 武林定七の母)

Description: The mother of Takebayashi Sadashichi walking amid falling cherry blossoms

Robinson: S56.10

Weinberg: II.10



Title: Aibara Eisuke Munefusa’s Sister (Aibara Eisuke Munefusa no imoto, 相原江助宗房妹)

Description: The sister of Aibara Esuke Munefusa watching a flight of sparrows

Robinson: S56.11

Weinberg: II.11



Title: The Courtesan Kashiwagi-dayu of the Shimabara (Shimabara no yukun Kashiwagi no taiyu, 嶋原の遊君柏木太夫)

Description: Kashiwagi-dayű, the courtesan who entertained Yuranosuke, standing, holding a roll of paper

Robinson: S56.12

Weinberg: II.12


NOTE: The paper is a symbol of sexual activity.



Title: The Wife of Uramatsu Handayu (Uramatsu Handayu no tsuma, 浦松半太夫の妻)

Description: The wife of Uramatsu Handayű tying up a thief

Robinson: S56.13

Weinberg: II.13



Title: The Wife of Okuno Ginemon (Okuno Ginemon no tsuma, 岡野銀右衛門の妻)

Description: The wife of Okano Ginemon seated by a chest of drawers biting a cloth and clasping Okano Ginemon’s kimono

Robinson: S56.14

Weinberg: II.14


NOTE: Biting a cloth is a sign of physical or emotional pain.  It is like biting a bullet, but is only appropriate for a woman.



Title: Togishi Tazaemon (礪師田左衛門)

Description: The swordsmith Togishi Tozaemon seated on a mat with his sword polishing kit, two swords in boxes labeled “Munesada” and “Kunimitsu” behind him

Robinson: S56.15

Weinberg: II.15



Another state of the above design


Title: Yato Chosuke Noritsugu (矢頭蝶助教次)

Description: Yato Noritsuga holding the family sword he gives to his son

Robinson: S56.16 (listed as not seen)

Weinberg: Not listed




Description: Ôboshi Sampei Nobutomo holding a spear next to two palanquins

Robinson: S56.17

Weinberg: II.17




Description: Rôboku (old manservant) Katsusuke with gifts from his master

Robinson: S56.18

Weinberg: II.18


This series is one of several of Kuniyoshi’s that are similar in appearance, having a single full-length figure on a more-or-less plane background with a descriptive text above.  While some of these have the series title in distinctively shaped cartouches, several have the series titles in vertical red cartouches with convex tops and concave bottoms.  This latter group of title cartouches is reproduced below.

Series title in Japanese: Meikô hyaku yű den

Series title in English: Stories of 100 Heroes of High Renown

Robinson: S31

Series title in Japanese: Seichű gishi den

Series title in English: Stories of the True Loyalty of the Faithful Samurai

Robinson: S54, except S54.38 and some copies of S54.39

Series title in Japanese: Seichű gishi den no okori

Series title in English: Origins of Stories of the True Loyalty of the Faithful Samurai

Robinson: S54.38 and some copies of S54.39

Series title in Japanese: Seichű gishi hottan

Series title in English: Origins of the True Loyalty of the Faithful Samurai

Robinson: S55

Series title in Japanese: Seichű gishin den

Series title in English: Stories of Faithful Hearts and True Loyalty

Robinson: S56

Series title in Japanese: Kôetsu yűshô den

Series title in English: Stories of Courageous Generals of the Provinces of Echigo and Kai

Robinson: S63


“Robinson” refers to listing in Kuniyoshi: The Warrior-Prints by Basil William Robinson (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1982) and its privately published supplement.


“Weinberg” refers to listing in Kuniyoshi, The Faithful Samurai by David R. Weinberg (Hotei Publishing, Leiden, The Netherlands, 2000).