Ghost Stories: Night Procession of the Hundred Demons

(Kaidan hyakki yagy˘, 開談百気夜行)



This series shows male and female genitalia in the guise of various demons.á Each print bears a title, many of which are bawdy and often pun the demonsĺ names.á Although the individual prints are unsigned, the wrapper is signed ôIchimy˘kai Hodoyoshi gaö, a signature Kuniyoshi is known to have used on shunga (erotic art).á This series is not listed in Kuniyoshi by Basil William Robinson (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1961).á The prints in this series are each about 5 by 3.5 inches (13 by 9 centimeters), a size known as koban.á I am grateful to Marijn Kruijff for these images.


Title: Junping Doll (Tobiningy˘)

Description: This is the cover of the series showing a toy in the form of a cat-person


Title: Sexy Prick, Big Pussy (Enmara daibolo)

Description: Emma, king of hell, presides over lovemaking among the hungry dead (gakid˘)


Title: Pussy Spirit of Kasane (Kasane no bobokon)

Description: The disfigured Kasane had been murdered by her husband, Yoemon, with a sickle by the Kinu River


Title: Cunt Monk (Tsubi b˘zu)

Description: Umi-b˘zu (sea monk) was a large demon that emerged from the sea to haunt ships


Title: Consoling Pussy of Horse Face Mountain, Sometimes Called Monk Riot (Tsuramayama d˘j˘-bobo, ichimei S˘d˘-b˘)

Description: Monk S˘j˘ taught military arts to Ushiwaka-maru (the young Yoshitsune) at Kuramayama


Title: Pillar of Flames (Hi-hashira)

Description: A flaming pillar of penises rises above the roofs of the Yoshiwara pleasure quarter (which was frequently destroyed by fire)


Title: Crucifixion of Okoma (Okoma no karitsuke)

Description: Okoma, who was sentenced to be executed at Suzu-ga-mori for murdering her husband was pardoned after petitioning by her lover Saiza


Title: Four-eyed Acolyte (Yotsume koz˘)

Description: Hitotsume koz˘ (one-eyed acolyte) was a much-feared demon.á This four-eyed version holds higo-zuiki (dried stems of sweet potato), which were used as a sex toy.


Title: Octo-pussy of the Numeri River (Numerikawa no bobo-dako)

Description: Large octopuses were hunted at the mouth of the Nameri River in Etchű Province


Title: Penis Skeleton (Karikkotsu)

Description: A penis skeleton menaces a woman who has come onto a veranda at night


Title: Licentious Priest with Angry Pussy (Jinbari nyűd˘ bobo dokisu)

Description: A woman is frightened by a phallus-shaped ghost as a swallow with a phallus head comes from the ghostĺs mouth


Title: Jewel Gate (Gyokumon, also meaning vulva)

Description: An executed criminalĺs head displayed at the entrance to a prison (gokumon)


Title: Nailing a Dick Doll at the Hour of the Ox (Ushi no toki mairi mara ningy˘ o utsu)

Description: A woman wanting to kill a man who had spurned her was supposed to don a crown of candles, go to a shrine at the hour of the ox (about 2 AM), and nail a straw figure of the man to s sacred tree


Title: Phallus Serpent with Toad and Snail



Title: Rokurokubi

Description: A rokurokubi (demon that can stretch its neck) with a vulva-shaped face








Title: Cunt-shaped Courtesan Ghost



Title: Dripping Mountain



Title: Phallus and Vagina-shaped Mountain God







Description: Winged spirit with a vulva-shaped face carrying a phallus-shaped baby



Description: Body with a vulva-shaped face nailed to a door