Eight Assemblies of the Floating Night

(Ukiyo hakkwai, 浮夜ハ會)

Publisher: Iba-ya Sensaburô



The title of this series of fan prints (uchiwa) has also be translated as “Eight Nocturnal Trysts”.  It is listed as number 50 in Kuniyoshi by Basil William Robinson (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1961). 

Title: The Niwaka Festival in the Yoshiwara

Description: Geisha in male dress performing a dance called the niwaka

Title: Palanquin from Ômori

Description: Beauty putting her hand on a palanquin in the light of a lantern


Image courtesy of John Lord

Title: Maid setting out a yukata for after the bath

Description: Maid setting out a yukata (casual summer kimono) for after the bath

Title: Geisha Eating Endamane

Description: Beauty in the evening on a boat enjoying green soybeans

Title: Nakanochô

Description: Beauty standing by a lantern and holding an umbrella under cherry petals falling against the night sky


NOTE: The Nakanochô was in the Yoshiwara brothel district.  Kuniyoshi’s kiri seal is on the umbrella.  The lantern is inscribed Hodoyoshi-ya (程好屋), a fictitious establishment that incorporates Kuniyoshi’s pseudonym, Hodoyoshi, which is usually used on the artist’s erotic works.

Title: Year-end Market in the Snow

Description: Beauty in the snow